1. Public Facilities

The Study Program provides several public facilities to support the implementation of academic activity such as; head office, lecturer and staff office, classess, library, and Language Training Center.

Those facilities are provided in several units includes the head office, classess and administrative office, and library. There are four classess with the capacity of 25-30 students in 4th floor. The head office, administrative office, and library are located in 3rd floor.

The Study Program provides the facilities to support the research and learning process such as; chair and table, electronic stuff to support the learning process, library, data software, and books. There are a lot of references, magazines, journals in English, Arabic and Indonesian. Those facilities are under the management of Bureau of Building Assets UMY.

  1. Special Facility

The Study Program provides computer laboratory to support the learning process based on technology. This facility supported the Statistic subject and informatics technology subject in learning process. It is important to provide certain facility with high technology to ease the students access the information through the media. Further, the study program will develop the internet based consultation to ease the consultation session between student and lecturer.

  1. Supporting Facilities

The Study Program provides several supporting facilities such as; comfortable classess equipped with AC and LCD projector and IT-based library to support the learning process.


  • Cosmopolite and Comfortable Building
  • Classroom equipped with AC, Hotspot, and Multimedia
  • Library with international journal access
  • Comfortable Student Room
  • Language Laboratory and Multimedia
  • Exclusive and Economic Student’s Dormitory (UNIRES)
  • Canteen
  • Mosque